Why should you still record a professional CD of your School Choir

Why should you record a CD?

CD’s are old fashioned nowadays – everything is in ‘the cloud’ so why would you want to record a CD?  This is a question we are often asked and there is a lot of trust in the first statement. However, our offering for schools is not just about making a recording, it is about capturing a memory.   We record in a lot of Primary Schools and, whilst most Children are terribly excited by the prospect of recording a CD, like everything else, it soon becomes, ‘the thing we did last week’.  When you are 6, there are always many more exciting things just around the corner.

By recording and producing a CD, you create a memory and a physical product which pupils can keep as a record of their school days.  Realistically, we don’t expect many of our school CD’s to be played more than a few times before they are consigned to the shelves.  However, a CD is forever. An MP3 is just a digital file which firstly can be easily lost, either permanently or just amongst a load of other files on a computer or iTunes library.  A CD also contains artwork which will usually list everyones name and have some photographs of the recording session.

Added value of a CD

We believe the true value of a CD will be in years to come.  In approximately 20 or so years time a lot of pupils who recorded a CD at Primary School will suddenly find it on the shelf or at the bottom of a box and, even if they have no actual means of playing it will have in their hand a physical memento of their school days.    The main thing to consider is that you can take a CD and upload it to your iTunes library within seconds.  But if all you have is an MP3 file, you cannot generate a physical produce and memento of your school days.

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If you want to give your pupils the chance to have a memento of their school days, there is no catch and furthermore no obligation.  Why not give us a call today on 01225 302143 or click here to email us and find out how easy it is to record a CD in your school.