Recording School Choirs

At Recordings 4 Schools, we make a  big thing of the fact that our recordings are free if the whole school is involved and all pupils feature on the CD.  But what happens if you only want to record your school choir which potentially might only include 16 pupils?

What are the options?

  1. Recording Only – We can offer a recording only package which means we come to your school, spend a day recording and then supply you with a Master CD or High Resolution digital WAV files. Costs for this start from around £395 for a day on location which is usually enough to record around 10 – 12 tracks.
  2. Recording with CD’s – We can offer the same all inclusive price for CDs where the recording session (the first day on location) is included in the price. Normally the minimum order is around 100 CDs to make this economically viable.

How much experience does Recordings 4 Schools have?

Recordings 4 Schools are part of the 4 Part Music Group of companies and have been recording CDs in Schools for over 12 years.  We have recorded in all sorts of schools from State Primary Schools through to Chamber Choirs at some of the top independent schools in the UK.

CALL US TODAY on 01225 302143 and find out how easy it is to make a recording at your school. If you prefer you can click here to email us.