How does your choir sound?

Concerts and live performances are a great experience for a School Choir. For a lot of pupils there is a real buzz about going on stage and performing in front of their fellow classmates, teachers or parents.  The only downside is that a live performance soon ends. Hopefully you will get a standing ovation and everyone will feel great about their performance.  But then it’s over.  Everyone goes home and before long it’s listed as just another performance.

Don’t get me wrong, I think every choir deserves the chance to perform live.  I run 5 choirs myself and one of my biggest challenges is finding them all lots of concerts and events to perform at.  If you’re in a choir, or orchestra, or indeed any music group then live performance is one of the main points to all the rehearsal!

One way to re-live your performances, whilst making some money at the same time, is to record a CD of your school choir or music groups.   A recording is a great way of showcasing the music which goes on in your school and sharing it with parents, visitors and anyone else who either doesn’t have the opportunity to hear you perform live or wants to hear your performance again and again.

Recordings 4 Schools offer schools all over the UK a chance to have a FREE recording session with the option to buy professionally produced CD’s afterwards.   There’s no catch and no minimum order – all we ask is that all pupils feature on the recording.  We come to your school and spend the day with you recording your choir, orchestra or any other music group / instrumentalist you wish.    Our engineers then work their magic in the post production studio and hey presto you have a stunning CD to sell to parents.   What’s more you can even have a hand in the artwork.  Our graphic design team do all the clever bits but we usually reserve the front cover to feature a drawing / design from one of your pupils.

To find out more about our Free Recordings for Schools or to book a date to record at your school then please contact us by email or give the office a call on 01225 302143.

About the Author: Jules Addison is a Music Producer and Choirmaster running 5 choirs in Wiltshire as well as being a Director of 4 Part Music, Location Recordings.