End of another School Year

School CD Recording

Over the next week or so all our schools, if they haven’t already done so, reach the end of their 2015 / 16 school year.   Many pupils will be celebrating the end of exams, some may even be celebrating the end of their time at school and now looking forward to gap years, starting at University in the Autumn or heading off into the big wide world of work and gaining employment.

For the majority of pupils and teachers, the end of term signals a 6 week Summer holiday and then a return to school for another year starting in September.   Whilst we tend not to do much in the way of recording in Schools over the Summer, now is potentially a good time to start thinking about Christmas.

Why plan ahead?

Recordings 4 Schools are one of the leading Mobile studios which specialise in Recording School CD’s.  As a result we get particularly busy around October & November recording School Christmas CD’s.  Realistically in order to get discs to your school by the end of the Christmas term, we need to record in your school no later than the end of November.

How long does it take?

Our recording engineer will spend a day at your school. Usually we arrive around 8am in order to set everything up and be ready to record by 9am.   Our team then spend the day recording anything you wish to feature on the CD.  Typically each year group will sing a song and there is usually a whole school Song which gives all pupils a chance to feature on the Album.  If you have other music group, String orchestras, wind bands, Recorder groups or some soloists, we can record them too!

Within the confines of your school day we don’t impose any time limits.  Usually we suggest allowing enough time for each group to have a short warm up and then a couple of takes of their song.

More information

CALL US TODAY on 01225 302143 and find out how easy it is to make a recording at your school. If you prefer you can click here to email us.