Record a Free CD at your School

Free School Recording

The start of the Autumn term, and indeed the beginning of the school year is for many a time of new beginnings and new ideas.   It is also a great time to consider some unique and different educational ideas when you have time to explore them before the busy season of exams starts to approach once more in the Spring and Summer.

It is largely for this reason that a lot of schools choose to record a Christmas CD.  For a start, the autumn term, in many schools, will be longer than some of the others so there is plenty of time to prepare for a recording.   The majority of our ‘Christmas’ CD recordings take place in October and November. This gives the pupils time to prepare and allows us sufficient time to produce the album so it can be delivered to your school well in time to sell before Christmas.

CD’s make a great present at Christmas time and are also a perfect memento of your time at school whether as a pupil or staff member.   As well as Christmas CD’s we have also recorded albums for Headteachers who are either retiring or moving on to other posts and albums which are used to promote school music as part of the prospectus or other marketing material.

How does it work?

Most of our School CD’s are recorded on a single day and usually during the course of your normal school day.   Our engineers arrive around 7.30am to set up the mobile studio in your school hall, or other suitable space. This means we are ready to record from 8.45am and will continue recording until the end of the day, or as necessary.

Once the recording day is over, our engineers will take the tracks back to the studio and master them to make you sound your best and then produce a number of CDs.   You can order as many or as few CD’s as you like*.  There is no minimum order although most schools tend to order between 50 and 200. Of course this also depends how many pupils there are in the school.

How much does it cost?

The recording session is free and provided that all your pupils take part in the recording, there is no minimum order.   CD’s cost between £5 and £6 each usually, depending on the quantity ordered.  Most primary schools sell the CD’s for between £8 and £10 and will make a small profit from CD sales.

To find out more about recording a FREE CD at your School this year please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to contact us by email
*no minimum order applies when all pupils take part in the CD recording