The Recording Session

school recording

For all our clients, the ‘session’ is undoubtedly the most important part of their Recording Project.  The majority of schools tend to book recordings a few weeks or even months in advance to allow themselves plenty of time to prepare for the Recording Day.

What to Prepare?

A CD can hold up to 99 songs and just under 80 minutes of audio.   There is of course no obligation to fill the disc to capacity. Most schools will record between 10 and 20 songs and the entire CD may be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour in length.  The choice of music is entirely up to you.  Most of our Primary School CD’s tend to include 1 or 2 songs from each year group or KS group followed by a ‘whole school song’.  We can also record choirs or instrumental groups if you have them.  Again it’s up to you whether to accompany on the piano or use backing tracks.

The Recording Day

Our Recording Engineer will usually arrive around 7.30am in order to set up all the recording equipment in your school Hall and be ready to start recording from approximately 8.45am.   We would recommend allowing around 20-30 minutes per track you want to record.  It’s usually a good idea to start with all the singing groups – most schools record a song with each year group or class depending on how the school is structured.  On the assumption each class will be singing to a backing track it is often quicker to record them one after another as the microphone set up will be broadly the same.

If you are recording instrumental groups, recorder groups, orchestras, guitars or any other combination then it’s also worth recording these together as there may be a slightly different microphone configuration compared to the choir recordings.

Ultimately of course, the exact order of things and indeed how you choose to structure the day is entirely up to you.  We are only to well aware of the complexity of school timetables and, consequently, the challenges of including a recording session in your school day.  For this reason, there are no time limits within the confines of the average school day.  Our engineer can even stay a bit longer after the end of the school day to record a Staff song for example.

CD Artwork

At the end of the recording session it is helpful if we can clarify and take away the content for the CD artwork. This will include a design for the front cover. Most schools hold a competition to design this and you can download a template from our website.  We also need some content for the booklet which might include a list of names of children participating, a short letter of introduction from the Head and of course the track list and order which will be printed on the back. In addition please let us know what your school ‘colour’ is and if you have electronic copies of your school logo that is also useful.

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