What do do about CD Artwork

Recording a School CD is a great way of bringing all your pupils together and showcasing the fantastic musical talent within your school.  Many of the schools we record will spend a lot of time preparing for their recording session by making sure all the songs are rehearsed as much as possible. Over the years we have come across some amazing talent in schools.

Once the music has been recorded attention is usually turned towards the actual CD packaging. Regardless of which option you choose there is a requirement for some form of artwork.

As standard, all our school CD’s are packed into Jewel Cases (the standard plastic CD case which everyone is familiar with).  The reason we default to a jewel case is this gives you the maximum opportunity to include further information with your CD.   The areas which require ‘artwork’ or content are:

1. The Front Cover

Usually in the case of primary schools we encourage the schools to run a competition to get one of the pupils to design the front cover.  We can supply you a template for this purpose by visiting our Downloads page.  Secondary schools often include a photograph of the school buildings or perhaps the choir / groups which feature on the CD.   ESsentially there is no limit to the front cover other than your imagination.  Regardless of your ideas, all you have to do is send us the content (photos / drawings etc) and our in house team of graphic designers will do the rest.

2. The Booklet

The CD Booklet comprises of the front cover (see above) two inside pages and a back page. The back page is visible when you open the CD case – on the left opposite the disc tray. Most schools put a letter from the head teacher on this inside page or perhaps information about the CD and any charity it might be supporting.

The inside pages are again free for you to use as you wish. Sometimes its a nice idea to list the names of all the pupils involved or you might wish to add more information about your school and perhaps some photographs of the groups involved or even from the recording session if you wish.  Once again, send us the information and our design team will make it look fab!

3. Rear inlay

The rear inlay as the name suggests is the information on the rear of the jewel case.  Typically this will be the track listing along with details of  any soloists, the director of music / accompanist etc.  There will also be the usual copyright information and perhaps a school logo.    All you need to do is send us the track order and we will put it all together so it looks nice.

4. Disc Surface

Perhaps the most simple element of all, but nevertheless important is the information on the CD itself.  Usually this will include the Disc title, the name of your school and our logo and catalogue reference.  We can include other artwork on the CD if you wish. Talk to us for more details.

Artwork Design

Our artwork design services are included within the price of the CD.   All you need to do is provide us with any relevent information and our team will do the best.  We can also come up with a completely bespoke design for you.   We have in the past had customers who simply provide us with a logo and an approximate colour scheme and our design team will come up with something fabulous.

No matter what you decide, we will always send you a PDF proof of the artwork for you to approve and sign off before the CD goes to print.

For more information on recording a CD at your school please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us