Recording Memories in Primary Schools

School CD Recording

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are 7 years old and attending your local Primary School.   From what I can see most days at Primary School are great fun – certainly that’s how it looks to me some 30 or so years later.  But then something even more exciting happens.  Instead of going to your usual class you are called into the School Hall.  Most days this is for a morning Assembly and you are required to sit on the floor in rows whilst one of the teachers talks to you.

However, today it’s slightly different. This time you file into the Hall and it’s been turned into a Recording Studio.  There are at least 8 microphones placed around the hall and lots of computer equipment attached to them.  Today is the day you are going to record your first ever CD.

When you are 7, this is very exciting.  For the pupils, a recording is all about being in the moment.  You get to be just like your favourite singer and go into a ‘recording studio’.    A recording session with Recordings 4 Schools is designed to be great fun for the pupils (and teachers!).  In fact it never ceases to amaze me just how much talent there is in Primary Schools today.  Over the years I have heard some fantastic singing, some amazing instrumentalists and listened to orchestral groups which way exceeded the expectations I had.

Last night I went to a choir rehearsal – the other side of my business involves directing choirs.   After the rehearsal, one of my singers was excitedly playing something on her mobile phone to other choristers. It turned out to be a recording she had been involved in whilst at school that someone had recently made available online.

So when you book a recording session at your Primary school, it’s not just about giving your pupils a unique experience, but you are helping them to create memories which will make them smile in the decades to come.

About the Author: Jules Addison is a Sound Engineer and Choirmaster who has worked in Schools for the past 15 years.

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