Record a School CD with us in 2017

Mobile Studio

2017 will mark our 13th year of Recording in Schools.  Some might say unlucky?  On the contrary, we feel it shows commitment and gives our customers confidence that they are dealing with a well established company.    Since 2004 we have recorded in Schools and educational establishments of all shapes and sizes all over the UK.  From tiny village primary schools to large public schools and even some universities, we have recorded a whole cross section of music in a huge variety of different locations.

What should we record?

There is no restriction on the type of music or songs you can record.  Most Primary schools will record a song with each year group, a couple of songs from the choir if you have one and a full school song.  Sometimes it’s also quite fun to record a staff song!  Yes the parents like that sort of thing and it does really help to sell more albums!

How does a recording session work?

Most of our school recordings are undertaken on a single day and are designed to work around your school day.  Based on a Free Recording in a primary school, a typical schedule would be as follows:

07.30 – Recordings 4 Schools arrive on site (usually 2 sound engineers) and set up our mobile studio in your school hall or similar location.  This takes about an hour.

08.45 – Ready to Start Recording

The morning session usually runs until around 12.15 or whenever your lunch time, also taking into account your breast time.   Our aim is always to disrupt your school timetable as little as possible.  Generally we leave all the timings to the schools.

Lunch Break

Often because the school hall is a shared space, particularly in Primary Schools, we will move the recording gear to one side so it is out the way whilst the hall is set up for lunch.  Provided we can leave the majority of kit in situe but just move it aside, this only takes a few minutes.  Similarly we can be back ready to record within 5 or 10 minutes of lunch being cleared away]

13.30 – Start of Afternoon Session

15.15 – End of Recording Session

Either we pack away at this point (which takes about 45 minutes) or we will stay a bit longer in order to record a staff song.

Book a Recording

If you would like to record a CD with your school during 2017 then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.