Record a School CD this Term

Record a School CD

With half term nearly upon us, there is still time to book a recording session at your school before the Easter Break

Whilst for some it may seem as if the year has hardly begun, in fact most schools are now heading into the first holiday of the year.  As I left school some 20 years ago (actually a little bit more than that) I still think of this holiday as half term – I think in some cases it is, but a lot of schools now seem to adopt a 6 term policy where it just works out that some holidays are longer than others!

Either way, from what I am told, most teachers up and down the country are looking forward to a well earned break next week.  As well as time to take a holiday and relax for some it is also a good time to evaluate the work done already this term and plan ahead for the next few weeks leading up to Easter.

Whole School Recordings

For schools who want to make a CD which includes the whole school then we offer a free recording session and then you can buy CD’s to sell to parents for around £4 per disc. This gives you scope to make a good profit on CD sales. The money can then be used to invest in your school in whatever way you wish.  This is our most popular model and often schools will make between £500 and £1000 profit from sales of CDs.

School Choir Recordings

Increasingly a lot of secondary or independent schools like to record a CD of their Choir.  This could be a Chamber Choir, Barbershop Group, Gospel Choir, Chapel choir or indeed any other type of singing group you care to think of.

We have recorded School choirs all over the UK including Warwick High School for Girls Chamber Choir, Thornton Girls School, Edgeborough Prep School, Cranleigh Prep School Chamber Choir and Hurlingham School Choir in London.

The Recording Session

If you choose to record with Recordings 4 Schools then our professional sound engineers will spend the whole day recording at your school.  We normally arrive around 7.30am in order that we are ready to record from approximately 8.45am.  From that point on we will work with you to record as much as possible.  Our mobile studio is entirely flexible and can record anything from A Capella Choirs to school year groups singing to backing tracks. We can also record bands, electric guitars and pretty much any instrument you can find!

During the session you can record as many takes of the songs as you like and we have facility to play back the recordings either through headphones by the Recording desk or we can also play back through some monitor speakers in the hall for your pupils to hear the sounds they have just recorded.  Ok so on location it’s usually just an unprocessed mono signal which is played back but nevertheless it does give you some idea of what we have recorded.

Post Production

Once we have finished recording on location at your school, we back up all the data and then take your recording to one of our studios.  Here we embark on post production which includes editing all the takes together and then mastering the tracks so they sound as good as possible.  Depending on the time available and your requirements we often give clients a chance to review the songs before we burn the master CD and send to our production house for Duplication.

CD Artwork

The majority of our CD recording packages include basic artwork design and production using your text and imagery. If you want something more bespoke then we have a talented team of graphic designers who can take your brief and create a range of stunning visuals. We also offer a range of bespoke packaging options if you want something other than CD’s in jewel cases which is our standard offering.

Delivery of CD’s

If you choose a recording package with us which includes supply of CD’s then these will usually be delivered to your school within a few days of the audio and artwork being signed off.

To find out more and book a recording session at your school, please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us