Standard CD Packaging

Jewel case

At Recordings 4 Schools we pride ourself on producing CD’s to ‘retail quality’ as it says at various points across our website. However, recently it occurred to us that we have never properly defined what is meant by ‘retail quality’. We will soon be improving various parts of our website to give more information about the different packaging options for CDs. We are also busy introducing a range of other Media solutions for delivery of audio which include USB sticks and Video Brochures.

The CD Jewel Case

A jewel case is arguably the most common packaging for CDs and has been for around 20 years now.  It is far from the only option but it is our ‘standard’ option for all recording packages which include a number of CDs as part of the deal.


Jewel Case

The jewel case has 3 main advantages.  Firstly it is reasonably cheap and therefore enables us to provide professional quality packaging without charging a premium for our recording services.  Secondly it has the option to include a booklet with anything from 4 – 30 pages.  As standard we include a 4 page booklet which for most schools is sufficient to include details about their CD and perhaps include a list of names of those who took part.  The final ‘advantage’ is that a jewel case is what most people think of when they imagine a CD in packaging.


Also included with our ‘standard’ CD packaging options is the artwork design.   For customers who wish to create their own artwork or have an external graphic designer produce something then we can provide all the necessary templates.  The other advantage of the Jewel case is that it gives you plenty of scope to have lots of information to accompany your CD.

On the back you have the ‘rear insert’. In line with standard practice this is usually the track listing for your CD and will also include details about the recording company and the various people involved in the performance such as the Musical Director and Accompanist.

The 4 page booklet already described above also forms the front cover for the album. Additionally to this you can put anything you like on the disc surface. Usually this will be the name of the album plus the name of your school along with the date we recorded it.

Other options

Whilst the Jewel Case is our ‘standard’ option, ultimately there are many alternatives. Digipaks are increasingly popular and sometimes customers may just want the CD in a plastic wallet or on a spindle if it is being supplied as part of a prospectus for example.  Our design team can also create a range of bespoke packaging.  Essentially if it is possible and will hold a CD, we can make it.

As well as CD’s we can also supply your media on branded USB sticks in any shape and size.

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