Recording at Focus School, Gloucester Campus

Focus School

With our studios based just on the edge of Bath, a school recording in Gloucester represents a fairly local job.  This meant leaving home at 6.30am instead of the usual 4am or earlier in some instances.  The recording at Focus School, Gloucester Campus is the second recording we have done with the Focus Learning Trust.  A couple of years ago we recorded a CD at Focus School in Stockport. In fact that was so successful we have been invited back to record there again at the end of April.

About Focus Schools

The Focus Learning Trust was established as a registered charity in 2003 for the advancement of education, first and foremost providing leadership and support to its network of 28 UK independent schools which are registered as schools with a religious character.

Focus is part of the OneSchool global network, one of the most extensive and progressive networks of schools and educational support services in the world. With schools in 18 countries worldwide, their 10,000 students are benefiting from the amazing results of global collaboration and cutting-edge educational methods.

The Recording

The venue for this recording session was at the junior school site. After some discussion it was agreed an acoustically dead space would be better than an atrium.  The usual rule in terms of reverb is that we can add but we cannot take away.

Gloucester School Classroom

Recording Venue in Gloucester

The biggest challenge with this particular recording was the different groups we had to record throughout the day.  The first group were Bands.  This bought with it the challenge of balancing singing against drums and keyboard / electric guitars in a relatively small space.   Realistically the only way to do this was to record everything together and then re-record the vocal parts again afterwards.

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] – Listen to an excerpt from ‘Rule the World’

By late morning we moved on to recording the choir, which brought together about 70 pupils singing to pre prepared backing tracks.  The sound was amazing even in the relatively ‘dull’ space of a school classroom.   The rest of the time was spent recording smaller singing groups which really showcased the broad range of music talent at Focus School in Gloucester.