GCSE Music fights against the EBacc


In the news today we learnt that GCSE Music could potentially face ‘extinction’ because of pressure being placed on pupils to take subjects included in the EBacc.

What is the EBacc?

The English Baccalaureate or EBacc was brought in by the coalition government in 2010 for pupils achieving GCSE grade C or better in English, maths, the sciences, a language and geography or history. The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is a school performance measure. It allows people to see how many pupils get a grade C or above in the core academic subjects at key stage 4 in any government-funded school.

The EBacc is made up of:

  • English
  • mathematics
  • history or geography
  • the sciences
  • a language

What does this mean for the arts?

A Department for Education spokesman said: “The English Baccalaureate does not prevent any school from offering GCSEs in art and design, music, dance and drama. We have been clear that pupils should take GCSEs that are right for them.”  However, there is a view that the EBacc threatens the future of creative subjects – like Music, Art, Design & Technology, Drama and Dance.

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