Record a School CD this Summer with Recordings 4 Schools

School Recording Session

Recordings 4 Schools was set up in 2004 to offer high quality, professional Mobile Recording Services to Schools all over the UK.  Our state of the art mobile recording studio is designed to record to the wide range of music which occurs in schools today.




What can we record?

Some of the musicians / groups we have recorded in schools over the last 12 years include:

  • School Choirs
  • Full School Singing
  • Chamber Choirs
  • Staff Choirs
  • Recorder Groups
  • String Quartets
  • School Orchestra’s
  • Brass Bands
  • Jazz Bands
  • Piano and Solo instruments
  • Solo singers with Piano or group accompaniment
  • Rock bands with Keyboards, Drums and Electric Guitar

Raise funds from selling CDs

Following our unique model you only pay for the CDs ordered. The more you buy the cheaper they become. Even a small order of 50 CDs works out at only £8.50 per disc so there is still scope to make a little money on the basis you sell the discs for £10.  If you can order 200 CDs the price drops to just £5 per disc all inclusive which potentially could earn £1000 profit for your school which you can use for any purpose at all.

Ok so you probably aren’t going to make millions from selling a hit record (although it’s not impossible if you have budding song writers in your midst).  But, nevertheless a recording with Recordings 4 Schools is a fabulous experience for your pupils and has a lot of educational value too.

We have been involved in some school recordings where CD sales have run into the thousands and income generated for the schools can be in the tens of thousands of pounds.  To be fair the average amongst Primary School customers is probably a few hundred pounds from sales of between 100 and 150 CDs.   You can find out more by visiting our pricing page.

What is the audio quality like?

When Recordings 4 Schools was formed we were determined to offer the best quality recordings to Schools in the UK.  It’s all very well offering ‘free recording sessions’ and making sure schools have the opportunity to raise a good amount of money from CD or track sales. But the biggest value in our offering is the quality of the recording.

Nowadays it’s easy enough for anyone with a smart phone to make a reasonable quality recording either audio or video.  Indeed for a few hundred pounds you can get yourself a hand held recorder and for a few more pounds a couple of microphones to plug into it.  Nevertheless there is a world of difference between a field recorder and handful of microphones, when compared to our professional 24 track digital recording studio.

Rather than bore you with science or lists of recording gear which will mean nothing to most people we prefer to demonstrate the quality of our work by letting you hear recordings we have done before.

To find out more about our Recording Services for Schools, please call us today on 01225 302143 or click here to email us