Why do Children need Music Education?

Schools Music

Studies have shown that when children are involved and have Arts in their curriculum they are

  • 2 x as likely to graduate as those who do not
  • 3 x more likely to win an award for good school attendance
  • 4 x as likely to be recognised for academic achievement

Source: Why Music Education

When it comes to music education there are three main areas which are given consideration.  Performing, Composing and Listening.  These can all be achieved through individual, paired, group and whole class activities using a variety of resources such as electronic keyboards, guitars, small percussion, African drums and of course the human voice.

Live Music

In addition a lot of schools will now hold regular concerts at the end of terms, for Speech Days or at Christmas.   These are a great way to inspire pupils to work on their performing skills and gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents to teachers, parents and visitors.    Performing music on stage or in a concert environment is also good preparation for other useful life skills. A lot of pupils later in life may well get involved in public speaking and discussion. In fact the majority of jobs nowadays require communication skills.

In todays virtual world of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter developing communication skills and the ability to perform and be comfortable in public is extremely important.  Music and live concerts are just one way this can be achieved.

Recording Memories

Live music is a fantastic experience for pupils and definitely something to be encouraged in schools today.   But why not go further and either record your live concerts or produce an album of music performed during the year. This makes an excellent memento for your pupils in years to come and can also be used to showcase not only the talent of your pupils but also the importance and excellence of music in your school.

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