Recording at Brackley Junior School in Northamptonshire

brackley junior school

On Friday, continuing our run of Summer School CD Recordings, we were in Northamptonshire to record at Brackley Junior School.

This meant a fairly leisurely start from our Wiltshire base – well I call leaving home at 5.45am quite pleasing – particularly given some of the early starts recently.  This got me to Brackley around 7am where I promptly found the local Costa and procured a nice cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich.  This always puts me in a good frame of mind to face the day ahead. I promptly turned up at the school at 7.30am and started setting up.

Everything was unloaded into the hall and we proceeded to set up the recording gear ready to start at 9am.  By 8.30am there was a slight problem in that I discovered the box of power cables didn’t seem to have made it into the car and was in fact most likely still sitting in our studio where I can been testing cables the night before.  Fortunately, because we are paranoid about such things, there were additional power cables located in the boxes of all items requiring power.

Breathing a sigh of relief everything was connected and we were ready to proceed exactly on time.   The recording was a combination of full school songs, with one or two soloists plus a smaller choir.

Brackley Junior School

Brackley Junior School recognise that every child is unique and is dedicated to providing a friendly, caring atmosphere which is designed to help every child realise their full potential. Their traditional values are embedded by a Christian ethos and BJS believe that through hard work and placing our trust in God they can provide an environment where children will flourish. You can find out more about Brackley Junior School by visiting their website.

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