Recording at Mildmay Infant School in Chelmsford, Essex

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This Summer is one of our busiest yet for recording in Schools and our run of school recordings continued yesterday with a trip to Mildmay Infant and Nursery School just on the edge of Chelmsford.    This meant another 4.30am departure from home, but after a while you get used to it!

Arrival and Setup

There was nearly small panic when I arrived and the caretaker told me that he didn’t know anything about a recording and the school hall was in use all day.  Fortunately it turned out that I had presented myself at the entrance to Mildmay Primary School as opposed to Mildmay Infants which was next door! Moments later I was welcomed by the head teacher and started unloading our recording gear into the School Hall.

mild may infant school

Setting up in the School Hall

By 8.45am everything was ready for the first group of children to start recording.  As we had 20 songs to record during the school day, allowing time for lunch there was no time to delay.

School CD Tracks

CD Track List

Lunch Break

A lot of schools we record in use the school hall for lunch times and so generally we have to stop recording around 11.45 to allow the kitchen staff to transform the school hall into a dining room.  Generally we can move our recording equipment to one side for this purpose which gives us the maximum possible time to record.

The Afternoon Session

After a quick trip to a local park to eat a sandwich we were soon back at Mildmay for the afternoon recording session.    Everything went to plan and on schedule and we finished recording around 3pm just at the end of the school day.   It takes about 30 minutes to pack everything away once we back up the recording data and then time to head back.

We had a great day recording at Mildmay Infant and Nursery School and the CDs will be going into production soon.

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