Recording at Robin Hood Infant School in Surrey

Continuing our run of school recordings, earlier this week we were on location in Surrey at Robin Hood Infants School.    I always like to arrive in good time for a school recording but on this morning the traffic was even lighter than usual and perhaps it wasnt as far as I had thought so in fact I arrived just after 6.15am.  The intention is to arrive just after 7am in order to start setting up at the schools from 7.30am.  Being a bit early I decided to find some breakfast – it turned out however that Sutton doesn’t serve breakfast at such an early hour!

After wandering around to pass some time, eventually I found a Costa Coffee which opened at 7am and headed in there for a quick spot of breakfast.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee in Sutton

The Background

This particular recording was only booked a week or so before and I was told the school had been ‘let down’ by a competitor of ours.  I was quite surprised by this because the location recording business is relatively small and certainly all the people I know who offer a similar service are extremely conscientious and not in the habit of letting people down.

I found out once I was at the school that in fact it was our friends over at School Recording Stars who have apparently ceased trading hence why they were unable to carry out the work.  Whilst any new business is always welcome, it is nevertheless sad to learn that others are unable to continue for whatever reason.

Fortunately for our clients, Recordings 4 Schools are a healthy UK Business and in a good position to take on more work over the coming months and years.

The setup

Once the school opened at 7.30am I got into the school hall.  As the songs were all being sung to backing tracks the first thing to look at is the school sound system as ideally we need to take a direct feed into our recording rig to ensure the best possible chance of balancing the singing and accompaniment in post production.

Recording Setup

Part way through setting up

For the most part this recording was either all the pupils singing together or relatively large groups which meant the setup was fairly simple on this occasion.

Robin Hood Infants School

Thomas Wall Nursery and Robin Hood Infants School federated in September 2007. They share a site and in joining together, have created a very large early years unit, complete with a Children’s Centre and an assessment unit for nursery-aged children with complex communication difficulties.

There are 390 children on roll, housed in twelve classrooms. The schoo has won many awards and accreditations including the Primary Quality Mark, Healthy Schools and Sports Quality Mark. The end of Key Stage 1 attainment is high and they work hard to maintain this. Both schools have been judged as outstanding in recent OFSTED inspections.

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