Recording at East Wichel Primary School in Wiltshire

Swindon Primary School

A few weeks ago my friend Alex Miles ran a drumming workshop session at East Wichel Primary School in Swindon.  As a result of this we were given an introduction to the school via a mutual colleague.  From our perspective, having travelled the length and breadth of the country in recent weeks, it was nice to do a recording virtually on our doorstep, in fact less than 10 miles from our Wiltshire Studios.

East Wichel is a relatively new school and has as its school motto ‘Learning today, for tomorrow’s future’.    From arrival we were made to feel extremely welcome and shown to the school hall as well as where to find tea and coffee throughout the day in the staff room.  The head also greeted us personally and explained she had quite a busy schedule showing round new prospective teachers but would look in on the recording session from time to time.

We then proceeded to set up our recording gear in the school hall, making a plan for how to deal with lunch time as the hall is only just big enough to accommodate all the students and so we would need to make sure our recording gear was correctly set up but also easily movable when it got to the lunch break.

East Wichel, Swindon

Setting up at East Wichel Primary School

The recording took the usual format of songs being sung by year group plus a full school song! It was quite a challenge to get all the pupils into the hall for the school song but nevertheless with everyone squashed in we got quite a good sound from all the pupils.

The teachers had been super efficient and we were able to collect the artwork designs for producing the CD packaging on the day. This always helps to speed things up particularly as this recording was quite near the end of term.

School Artwork

CD Front Cover for East Wichel Primary School

With our work complete on location we will now take the tracks back to our studio and generally we deliver the finished product to the school within 7-10 days of the recording session.

If you would like to record at your school then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us