Recording at Telscombe Cliffs Primary School

School Sign

Usually by mid July we don’t anticipate doing any more school recordings until the Autumn or Michaelmas term when there is a great rush of schools wanting to record Christmas CDs.  It was therefore quite surprising that with less than a week to go before the end of the Summer term we received a phone call from a Head Teacher asking if we could go and record at his school in the next few days.

It turned out that the current Headteacher was leaving the schools this summer, presumably to take up a post elsewhere and he wanted to give the children the experience of being recorded.   The idea was to record two tracks on the last Wednesday of term and have them ready to go onto the school website for the pupils to hear the following day.

Always up for a challenge and given we are usually fairly quiet in the last week of term, we accepted this gauntlet thrown down by the Headteacher. So on Wednesday morning, once again we set the alarms for 4am and headed out bright and early to East Sussex. We always allow plenty of time for traffic (even at the crack of dawn).  However on this particular day it was not cars which held us up, but cows being shepherded across the road presumably for their morning milking!


Cows crossing the road at 5am

Once we arrived at the school (with half an hour to spare as always) we were greeted by the caretaker who was expecting us and quickly shown into the hall where we started to set up.   This particularly recording was going to need at least 18 channels as we had to capture 600 pupils singing along with a smaller solo group of singers, various electric and acoustic guitars, a drum kit and additional percussion section.  Luckily we planned ahead for such eventualities and carry a wide array of cables and adaptors to suit almost any occasion.

sound engineer

One of our Sound engineers on location

With only two songs to record we were finished by just after 11am. Once packed up our recording team decided to have a quick trip to the beach for lunch – we like recording by the sea!  Yes ok, so it was raining but nevertheless there was a beach to be sat on and so we did!  After a quick lunch we then headed back to our studios and got straight on with mastering and producing the two tracks. These were then sent to the school by 6pm the same day so they could be uploaded to the school website for the pupils to hear at Assembly the very next morning.

At Recordings 4 Schools we pride ourselves on a fast turnaround of tracks, but even this exceeded our own expectations of what is possible.   Then again we do like to follow the notion of ‘no faffing’.  Sometimes it’s exactly what is needed!

You can hear the final results by visiting the school website at

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