How to occupy your Summer Break

USB and CD

For many teachers, the end of July represents the chance to take a well deserved holiday.  Teaching is perhaps one of the most stressful professions and teachers can often be undervalued for the amazing work they do.   It is therefore entirely reasonable for them to have a chance to sit back and recharge the batteries before the start of a new academic year in September.

In reality, however, a lot of teachers do not stop during the Summer Holidays.  I know of many teachers who will be sitting on an Italian beach in August thinking about the repertoire to be included in their Christmas concerts.  In fact I know of some who would say that considering your Christmas repertoire in August was in fact rather leaving it to the last minute.  Never underestimate the amount of planning and preparation which goes into teaching.

The Michaelmas term, which begins in September, is not only the start of a new academic year but is usually the longest and often busiest term.   This is particularly true for the music department.  With the pressure of exams still some way off, the attention often turns to musical events and concerts which will happen in the latter half of the Christmas term.  As a result, this is also a great time to undertake a school recording.   With so much music being prepared for concerts, there is a wealth of exciting repertoire being performed which could be recorded.  Not only does a recording represent a fund raising opportunity for your school but it can also be a great way of showcasing your school music department.

Raising funds

Regardless of whether you are a state funded primary school or an independent sixth form college one thing which all schools will benefit from is raising funds.  A recording is a quick and relatively easy way of doing this.  Moreover there are no upfront costs.   Now, before we get too excited let’s be clear you probably aren’t going to raise millions by recording a CD.  Being realistic the majority of schools we work with tend to raise between £500 and £3000 from sales of CDs.  Of course this is not to say you cannot raise more.  We worked with a school in Manchester who earn’t in excess of £50,000 from their recording with us in just 12 months.  They have since gone on to record a second album which it is hoped will earn the school in the region of £80,000.

Nevertheless for most schools an extra £500 is always welcome.   More importantly, a recording session holds great academic benefit for your pupils.  Music is quite probably the most engaging thing for most young people and more people than ever before have iPods and are listening to music in some form every day.  The chance to record their own album and see it professionally produced and sold is a very exciting thing for most pupils.

Promote your School Music

In addition to fund raising schools are always keen to demonstrate how good their academic departments are.  We cannot necessarily help you promote mathematics but recording a CD is a great way to showcase your music department.  Even if you are selling the CDs to raise money for your school this is also showing parents how great the music making is.

In particular, independent schools tend to record their choirs and orchestras to produce an album which can also be used to demonstrate to prospective parents how good the music is in their school.   As well as producing CDs packed into jewel cases for sale, we can also produce CD only options or custom designed USB sticks which can be included as part of a school prospectus and information pack.    In fact our customised USB solutions can also hold data, so it may well be we could record your school choir and then produce you a digital marketing pack for your school which represents a unique alternative to the traditional prospectus being sent out.

Find out more

We work in schools all over the UK and do not charge any extra for travel.   If you would like to discuss recording a CD or digital album in your school with us then please call today on 01225 302143 or click here to email us.