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Back in 2003 when we first developed our recording business for schools, the most important thing was to ensure that all our work would be of the highest quality we could reasonably achieve.

Today we work by the motto ‘You are only ever as good as your last job‘.

Recording Gear

To get the best quality recording you need top notch recording equipment.   Recordings 4 Schools are owned by the country’s leading mobile recording specialists which means we are given significant investment every year ensuring our mobile recording rig is constantly updated and improved.  In the location recording business every single part of the ‘chain’ matters.   From the cables to the microphones right through to the Pre Amps and computers.

Working with professional quality kit is not just about getting the best sound quality, although that is of course the priority.  But reliability is also key as well.  After all when we record on location at schools all over the UK, we only have 1 day in which to do so.  Therefore, failure is not an option. For this reason we carry two sets of recording gear along with an ‘if all else fails’ back up.  Fortunately in 14 years we have never yet had to implement the backup.


The best equipment is certainly a key factor when recording. However, as with any business you also need to know how to use it.  This is ultimately the most important aspect of making a good recording and something which sets us apart from the competition.  All our sound engineers are trained not only in music production but also classically trained musicians too.  This means we understand both the music and the technology.

Not only have we been recording in Schools for the past 14 years and we have done a lot of it.  We record between 75 and 100 albums a year and have recorded in schools all over the UK from the depths of Cornwall in the South West right the way up to the Eastern coast of Scotland beyond the Forth Bridge.

Health and Safety

We bring a lot of valuable recording equipment into schools as well as many cables.  It is therefore crucial that we keep it safe.  Our priority is making sure the recording ‘studio’ which we set up in your school hall is a safe environment for your pupils.  We always discuss how and where we are going to set up with the teacher in charge of the event.  We then make sure there are no hazards for the pupils to contend with and they can get in and out of the recording space without going near any cables or equipment.

Most importantly of all, for your peace of mind, all our staff carry up to date DBS checks.

If you would like to record a CD in your school with Recordings 4 Schools please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us