Recording at Quinton House School in Northampton

Quinton House

Two years ago in 2015, we were asked to go to Quinton House to record their first CD.  It was therefore with great pleasure that we accepted the invitation to go back and help Quinton House record their second Christmas Album.

This year we found ourselves recording in the Ballroom which was a slightly larger and much more useful space than the music room we were recording in previously.  This meant we could space the microphones correctly which should result in an even better sounding album than before.

Quinton House

Quinton House Ballroom

As with a lot of our school Christmas CDs we recorded a song with each year group as well as a Song with the School Band and the Quinton Choir.  There was also a nice A Capella Group and a particularly good Staff rendition of the 12 days of Christmas.   We also particularly like Quinton House because they tend to feed us a very good lunch in the school dining hall. There was also coffee and biscuits laid on throughout the day, and bought in on a silver tray!

People often think we are joking when we consider schools against the merit of their hospitality… To be fair we do not expect anything, but it’s always nice when we are well looked after!

The CD Artwork

Part of our Recording package includes preparing the CD artwork for the Schools.  As with the majority of our school recordings, we were supplied with a pupil drawing to go on the front cover of the CD. For this album we then added in some photographs of the recording session on the inside pages and the track list on the back.

Below is a preview of how the Album Front cover might look when it goes into production.

CD Artwork

CD Front Cover

If you would like to record a CD in your school then please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us