Recording at East Craigs Primary School

East Craigs Primary

It’s not often we are asked to record in Scotland, but when the opportunity to do so arises we are always more than happy to rise to the challenge.  The Scottish border is some 300 miles North of our head office in Wiltshire, but nevertheless we cover the whole of the UK and Scotland is no exception to this!

As we don’t charge for travel on any job, no matter where in the UK you are based, we do try to keep costs down by working out a plan for recordings so that we are not always going up and down the country every day.  Originally we had planned to record in Newcastle the day before Edinburgh and then go back via Birmingham. As it happens plans got changed but we managed to record in Leicestershire and Lancashire on the two days before the recording with East Craigs Primary in Edinburgh which cut down our travelling a little bit.

The Recording Session

Having stayed overnight in Edinburgh, just a stones throw away from the school, I arrived refreshed and having had breakfast, which is always a bonus.  The venue for today’s recording was a brand new sports hall which had a reasonable acoustic.  It also had the benefit of many lines on the floor marking out various sporting courts which proved useful for lining children up near to the microphones.   On the downside the sports teacher was less pleased about having to spend the day outside as the weather was not becoming of a summers day!

recording set up

The new Hall at East Craigs Primary

Our main contact for the day, the Deputy Head, was extremely welcoming and made the whole day very enjoyable.  There was a clear schedule and plan for the day and the school PTA had enlisted parents to help ensure everything ran to time.  It’s always good to see parents getting involved in a recording project as well as all the staff and pupils.  The intention is for a school recording to bring everyone together to celebrate not only the joy of music but delight in doing something creative together.

The Singing

The pupils had obviously been well rehearsed and we heard some excellent renditions of the Christmas songs along with a few songs we hadn’t previously recorded which is always an added and unexpected delight.  We heard some fabulous singing from all the pupils and were particularly impressed by the school choir. So much so we plan to put an excerpt of one of their tracks on our showreel, so watch out for that in the near future.

The Hospitality

People often think I’m joking when I say that we value schools who look after us.  Don’t misunderstand we are not particularly demanding and quite capabable of looking after ourselves. However, usually we have got up very early to record in a school so its always nice to at least have a cup of tea.  Well the lovely people at East Craigs Primary went a lot further than that. Not only was there plenty of tea all day, I was given chocolates, a mince pie and then once we had finished an extremely tasty school lunch.  I know what you’re thinking, school lunch will be terrible.  But remember, this is Scotland where they do things properly. I would probably say it was the nicest school lunch to date!

Recording food

Tea, cake and mince pies

school lunch


I had a lovely time recording at East Craigs Primary School and we hope this will be the first of many albums we record with them.

If you would like to record a CD at your school then please contact us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us