Recording at Hallbrook Primary School

School Recording

Our busy season of Christmas CD recordings continued today with a trip to Hallbrook Primary School in Leicestershire.  This was particularly useful because tomorrow we are recording in Lancashire and then on to Edinburgh on Thursday.  We do not charge for travel when recording in schools and sometimes this means we take a hit when the school is a considerable distance from our studio.  As a result we are always keen to try and organise recordings in a sensible order with regards to the amount of travel.  It’s also quite good for the environment too. We would hate anyone to think we are burning fuel by driving around in a less than logical way!

Leicestershire is about a 2.5 hour drive from our studios on the edge of Bath and so breakfast was sought in a Services on the M1, usually around 6.30am when they start to open!


Breakfast enroute

Having had a quick breakfast, we arrived just ahead of schedule at 07.20.  We generally try to arrive by 07.30 as this gives us plenty of time to set up so we are ready to record from 09.00 for the rest of the school day.  Sometimes we are so early, even the caretaker hasn’t yet arrived.

school arrival

Arriving first!

Christmas Spirit

On arrival at Hallbrook we were greeted by the teacher in charge of the recording who was extremely jolly in his festive santa hat. This always bodes well when teachers are entering into the spirit of the day.  In fact all the teachers had been given jolly hats or outfits to wear which made everything feel Christmassy despite the fact it’s still mid November.

school hall

The School Hall at Hallbrook Primary

The Recording

In line with a lot of schools we were recording the singing to a backing track accompaniment.  School audio systems vary wildly and this one decided to fight back. So much so that we had to break out a DI box to try and get a clean signal into our pre-amps! This is an unusual tactic, but nevertheless improved things considerably!

DI Box

Using a DI Box

On the plus side we were able to locate our recording desk in a sort of cupboard to one side of the hall. This was particularly helpful when it came to lunch time as we always have to try and get out the way so the hall can be turned into a dining room.  Overall the recording at Hallbrook Primary went very smoothly and it was good to see all the teachers getting involved in such a positive way.

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