Recording at Mount Primary School

Today we were once again back in the Northern half of the UK, this time in the North West to record at Mount Primary School in Wallasey.  Located just South of Liverpool the drive into Wallasey took us under the Mersey rather than over it in a ferry which apparently is the traditional approach!  With the recording being Monday morning we actually drove up to the Wirral last night. This had the added benefit of not much traffic being on the road.  Conveniently there was a Premier Inn located just a couple of miles from the school which also meant there was time for a quick breakfast this morning.


Premier Inn Breakfast at 0630

When we arrived at the school, I was greeted by the deputy head.  Mount Primary have previously recorded with another firm who are sadly no longer in business.   I say that genuinely because whilst we are always glad to pick up extra work we would never wish anyone, competitor or otherwise, any bad fortune.   Nevertheless we cracked on and set up around the pupils arriving for breakfast club.

We were ready promptly by 0845 and right on cue the first group of pupils started arriving to record.  The recording was going well and I was particularly intrigued by the artwork on the school hall walls which detailed some famous people from the area. Apparently Daniel Craig heralds from the Wirral.

School Hall

Mount Primary School Hall

We cracked on and were heading rapidly towards today’s recording of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer when suddenly proceedings were interrupted by the school fire alarm. I think this is only the second time in 14 years we have had to evacuate for a fire alarm and to be honest I didnt really think this through.  I did manage to press save on the laptop and whilst children were being filed out I even set a backup going of the data so far recorded in case the power went.   Whilst the laptop would have stayed on you never quite know what effect a power cut has on the pre amps.

I then had to leave the building myself accompanied by one of the teachers and a couple of other visitors who were in that day. What I should have done is take my coat off the chair. It turned out that the weather outside was still frightful and cold and windy.  Stood in the school playground for 20 minutes in my polo shirt was not the most pleasant part of the day!

At lunchtime I decided to escape for an hour whilst lunch occurred in the school hall and made my way to the coast and found a retail park with a Costa and Morrisons.  The photograph below shows the view across towards Liverpool.  The weather had not improved much by this point!


View across the Mersey

All in all we had a great time recording with Mount Primary School and the CD should sound fabulous.   We really hope to be invited back again next year!

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