Recording at Pendragon Primary School, Cambridgeshire

After a day in the studio to catch up on recent recordings, today we were back on the road and this time headed East to Cambridgeshire where we found Pendragon Primary School.

Arriving at precisely 07.30 I was greeted by the main contact who led to me todays office (school hall).  After a while school halls all start to look the same. The first priority is to establish where the kids are going to come from and how they might leave the hall so we can figure out the most sensible place to start laying cables.    Coupled with this you also have to consider the catering staff and how they are going to set up for lunch later.

One thing we learnt many years ago is that on the whole school catering staff can be entirely inflexible and will not do anything different no matter what else might be going on in the school hall.  We have had cables pulled out, trolleys wheeled over equipment and other such issues.  Luckily this wasn’t the case at Pendragon and we were able to find a sensible routing for cables which didn’t interfere with anyone else who was using or coming through the hall.

school hall

Pendragon Primary School Hall

The recording proceeded smoothly and the school had prepared a timetable which allowed each year group / class around 30 minutes per song which is usually plenty of time.  After a short break for lunch we recorded until about 2pm which included a song per year group and a couple of very good songs from the school choir.

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