Recording at Coppull Parish Church Primary School

School Building

Having started in Middlesex two days ago, our trip to the North has today bought us to to the North West, just near the Lake District. Today, more specifically we have been recording in Chorley, Lancashire at Coppull Parish Church Primary School.

School sign

Coppull School Sign

Arriving at the agreed time of 07.30 I was quite surprised when the breakfast club team told me I was extremely early. I was a little early to be fair as it was 07.28 but this did not strike me as unreasonable.  Despite my best efforts to explain my arrival time I was told the member of staff I had asked for would not be in until well after 8am and I was to wait in reception until this time.

The customer is always right, so despite having rushed my breakfast at the nearby hotel and done exactly what I had said I would do, I sat and waited patiently. Half an hour later the customer arrived, confused as to why I was waiting!  Ultimately I don’t mind what time we arrive but do make sure all customers are aware we need at least an hour to unload and set up and assuming schools want to start recording at 09.00 or perhaps a little before, then 07.30 seems a sensible time to arrive.

As it happened there was a morning assembly at 09.00 and with a bit of rushing around we had everything set up and ready to record by 08.40.   In many cases starting at 07.30 does mean we are often ready well ahead of time, but there is always tea to be drunk and most importantly I would hate for the customer to be waiting for us!

Coppull School

The School Hall

Coppull Parish Church School

Coppull Parish Church school aim to provide all their children with a happy, safe, caring and stimulating learning environment. Children are encouraged to achieve the highest possible standards in everything they do, so that they can fulfil their unique potential and look forward to a bright future.

As a church school, with close links to the church at Coppull Parish, they believe that the Christian faith underpins all that is done in school and permeates all aspects of school life. Coppull Parish School offer an environment that is focused around Christian Values; to show respect and compassion; to take responsibility and to put others first.

The staff recognize that the highest standards in both behaviour and all-round achievement can only be reached with close co-operation between home and school.

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