Recording at St Mary’s Primary School in Twickenham


Yesterday we headed back into Middlesex for our second recording in that part of the world and at another school called St Mary’s.  In fact looking ahead we are recording at a lot of St Mary’s Schools this year – balanced out by a St Joseph’s in a few weeks time!

St Mary’s in Twickenham gave us the added challenge of recording at two different sites in the same day.   Although the two school sites were only a 5 minute walk from each other and about 2 minutes by car the issue was more the time it takes us to dismantle all the recording gear, pack it into the car and then unload / reassemble at the second site.

location recording

St Marys – Site 1

What’s more the schedule proposed suggested that we had just under an hour in which to complete this task.  For most of our recordings there are two of us on location which does make this process fairly quick.  As it happened we recorded much quicker at the first site that had been anticipated and so we ended up with plenty of time to re pack the car and get all the gear to the next school site.

In fact I had so much time that I managed to fit in a nice breakfast followed by a walk beside the Thames and even popped into a local church to find the eminent organist Christopher Herrick in there doing some rehearsal!


Christopher Herrick

After a pleasant stroll we then headed over to the second site where the pupils and staff were just finishing lunch.  We unloaded all our gear whilst the hall was cleared and then set about assembling our mobile studio for the second time.

The rest of the recording day proceeded smoothly and we captured some lovely singing from the pupils at St Marys Primary School.  The CD is now in production and should be ready in the next few days.   But first we have a trip to Scotland to get ready for!

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