Recording at St Mary’s Puddletown

It’s been quite a while since we last recorded in Dorset and so it was nice to be asked to go down to St Marys CE Middle School just outside Dorchester in the Dorset village of Puddletown.  This recording was several months in the planning and, like a lot of our school recordings, was being managed by the Schools PTA.

This year it seems we have already recorded at a number of St Mary’s schools all of which, surprisingly, seem to be blue! This one was no exception and so we captured our usual image of the school sign to prove we were there!

Middle School

St Mary’s in Puddletown

Once inside, we were shown to probably the largest school hall we have been in this year – a good thing too given that we had over 500 pupils to record!    In common with the majority of schools we work with, all the songs were being sung to backing tracks plus a few pupils who were playing a keyboard.  The day then finished with the school ‘band’. More on that later.

Because we never quite know what audio system we are going to be faced with, we have a very useful and trusty mixing desk which essentially means we can connect anything to anything and always find a solution for recording the school audio directly whilst it plays on their own system regardless of how their system is made up.

Audio Mixing

Mixing desk

As they go, our mixer is a fairly basic bit of kit, but it has the required combination of inputs and outputs to connect pretty much anything we might come across and we haven’t been stumped yet!  It also has lots of twiddly knobs on it and an array of flashing lights which of course is the most important thing of all!

Overall, we had a great day recording on location at St Marys CE Middle School in Puddletown and Geoff Sagar along with the PTA and the teachers were extremely welcoming. We particularly enjoyed the tea and cake which was provided throughout the day as well as the rather tasty school lunch.

I think it’s fair to leave the last words to the customer who wrote to us on 7 December saying the following:

We simply could not have completed this project to the level of quality which has been achieved without your help.  Added to this, we would like to thank you for the long days and late nights of post production work which you put in on this to ensure we met our required deadline to have the CDs in stock.  I’m sure we will be in touch next year to book a recording date for our Christmas 2018 offerings.

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