Recording at Windy Nook Primary School in Newcastle

School Hall

This week we started on the first of the 2017 School Christmas CD recordings.  It’s going to be a busy month as between now and the beginning of December we have no fewer than 18 schools to visit.   The first school to record with us this year was Windy Nook Primary School in Gateshead.

Originally we had planned to record at a school in Edinburgh the day before but that job has been moved to later in the month.  As a result we organised ourselves a hotel just outside Newcastle and about 10 minutes from the school and set off just after lunch the previous day.   Annoyingly we suffered a small setback due to a puncture shortly after leaving our studios in Wiltshire.  A few hours later however and we were once again on our way and made good time, getting to Newcastle by 9pm.

The next morning after a quick breakfast courtesy of Premier Inn, we headed off to Windy Nook at met up with the Deputy Head at the Primary School who had come in a bit early to meet us and let us in to set up for the recording.

windy nook

Windy Nook Primary School

newcastle school

Arriving at 7.30am

Once everything was set up we welcomed the first group of children into the hall to start recording.  Like many school recordings we recorded each year group singing a song. We also encountered a Wind Band as well as some trumpets accompanied on the piano during the course of the day.

Setting up

Setting up to record the pupils at Windy Nook

We had a great time and the children at Windy Nook sang very well.   We are now working on their album and making sure the audio is the very best it can be.   Below is a sneaky preview of the artwork which will be going on the front cover.

CD Artwork

CD Artwork Preview

About Windy Nook Primary School

The principle purpose of Windy Nook Primary School is to provide high quality education to enable pupils to achieve success. Windy Nook Primary School endeavour to create an atmosphere of mutual consideration and respect regardless of age, gender, race, religious beliefs, disability, social or home background and family circumstances. It is a celebration of all of the fabulous work and activities that our children participate in.

You can find out more about the school by visiting their website.

If you would like to find out more about recording an album at your School then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us