Recording at West Wimbledon Primary School

After a quick dash back down the M6 and M5 it was a case of a late night and early morning once again as today we were back on the road heading into London.  Our recording venue for this morning was West Wimbledon Primary School.

Albeit we were only heading to West London, it’s surprising how busy it can get so we decided against a stop for coffee en route. Luckily the school were very hospitable and the deputy head was straight on the case to provide us with coffee and tea on arrival.    Whilst we were setting up some of the teachers were putting the final touches to the Christmas decorations. It was decided that in order to record a Christmas CD the school hall should look a bit festive!

West Wimbledon Primary

Festive looking Hall at West Wimbledon

Today the challenge of connecting into the school system was easier than some we have come across recently and once again our trusty mixing desk helped make this a smooth process. This meant we were able to record the backing tracks directly as well as use the school audio system for playback.  Whilst we have our own solution, it’s often easier to use the system already in place, particularly if it is being used to play the backing tracks anyway.

As everything ran on time we ended up with a mid morning break of around 45 minutes so headed out to see if there was anything viable for elevenses.   Fortunately there was a nearby Waitrose which served us coffee and cake.

When it got to lunchtime, the school had very kindly arranged for us to have a school lunch – and often these are much nicer than you would imagine!  Today we were given a nice curry followed by a sponge pudding which we ate in the staff room.

We then returned to the hall after lunch tables had been cleared away for the last few songs.  Unlike a lot of school recording companies, we do not give a fixed end time other than the constraints of the school day. Sometimes we finish by lunchtime, sometimes we stay a bit late to record the staff song. At West Wimbledon we recorded the staff song first at 08.20 and so we were all done by around 14.00 which meant we got home at a reasonable time.  When you are on the road most days all over the UK, this is always a nice bonus!

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