Recording at Ankermoor Primary Academy in Tamworth

School Car park

After a couple of days in the studio, we were back on the road first thing this morning, heading to Tamworth to record at Ankermoor Primary Academy.  When I arrived at the school, a little earlier than planned at 7am, a lady greeted me at the gate. I was about to explain I had come to record but was a little early when she stared at me and said oh it’s you, I must get used to seeing your car.   It was early, dark and I was tired so decided not to try and explain that I probably wasnt whoever she thought I was and just drove in to the carpark.  Since no one else was around I decided to shut my eyes for half an hour until the teachers started arriving at 07.30.

At exactly 0730 I made my way into the school and was pleased to discover the hall was very close to the front entrance which meant it didn’t take long to get all the recording gear in place.   By 08.30 we were ready to record and the first group of pupils started coming into the hall.   As it later transpired the hall was a bit of a through-fare so we did have to try and control people walking through during takes. Aside of that an a few random baubles falling off the Christmas tree during one song, the songs were recorded swiftly and we were basically finished by 11am and I found myself back in the car heading home just before 12 noon!

We throughly enjoyed our time recording at Ankermoor and the CD, which was very much a project of the Head Teacher, will be ready before Christmas. We hope all the staff and pupils enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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