Recording at Beis Chinuch in London


Our last recording of the year took us once again into London. This time we were on the Edgware Road at Beis Chinuch Primary School. As the name and location might suggest this is a Jewish School and instead of recording a Christmas CD, the theme was of course Hanukkah.

When we arrived at the location announced by the sat nav we found ourselves outside a library and a tesco. Unperturbed we carried on for a bit up the Edgware road and eventually found a Jewish Primary School but it didnt have the same name as the one we had in the diary. Not surprisingly they weren’t expecting to record a CD today so we resumed our search. We asked in the library and a bakers but no one had heard of Beis Chinuch.  Eventually with no further option as the phone went to voicemail I emailed the client and luckily got a fairly immediate response.

Beis Chinuch Primary School it turns out is located above a tesco in an unsigned building with security people outside!  There is absolutely no indication of this being a school – even when you get inside its a bit like going into a Tesco Loading bay!



This was the first indication we were not in your average primary school!

Nevertheless the staff were lovely and made us very welcome.  We were given a choice of rooms to record in and chose the one up the least amount of stairs!

set up

Setting up

The day started with Prayers and then we got to hear what songs were sung in a Jewish School. There was certainly no Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer today. The singing however was amazing! These kids could really sing!

Then before lunch we were treated to the staff song – it was called Unity and it was quite possibly one of the best staff songs we have recorded. This had been properly prepared and there was harmony! In fact it was amazing!

The Staff

Staff Song

All in all, whilst we didnt know any of the Jewish songs, we had a great time recording on location at Beis Chinuch in Edgware.   With it being so near to Christmas we will produce this song when we reopen in the new year. In the meantime all that remains, ironically in a post about Hanukkah, is to wish all our clients a very happy Christmas!

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