Recording at Norton St Philip & Rode First Schools

Today we were recording in Somerset at Norton St Philip with Rode First Schools, who win the award of being the nearest recording venue this Christmas to our studios which are just on the edge of Bath.

A bit like our trip to Twickenham a few weeks ago this was another recording taking place on two sites during the course of the day. Due to low pupil numbers in each school and there being a link between the schools, it was decided to record both schools together. Logistically, it was easier for us to relocate our recording rig over lunchtime than it was for the schools to ferry pupils between one school and the other.

School Hall

Norton St Philip School Hall

Arriving at our usual time of 07.30 we were set up and ready to go at the first site in Norton St Philip by 08.45.   The pupils, under the direction of Zoe Manifold, were well prepared and we had soon recorded their 4 songs which meant we were ready to relocate to the second school by 11am.

With the Hall at Rode being required for lunch and us not due until 1.15pm we had a bit of time to spare so found a nearby cafe for a rather nice breakfast. Today there was more time than usual and I managed to end up in a cafe half way through the recording session!  This is always pleasing!



After breakfast a short walk, we headed to the second site over at Rode First School just a mile or so up the road.   Arriving just as lunch was finishing, and helped by our breakfast, we had everything set up and ready to record within half an hour.

School Recording

Recording at Rode First School

This school had the added interest of a rather amusingly painted piano.


Piano at Rode School

We thoroughly enjoyed recording at Norton St Philip and Rode First Schools and the next challenge is to get the CDs ready in time for Christmas.

If you would like to record a CD at your school please call us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us