Recording at St Josephs Primary School in Cardiff

Today we travelled abroad for our final School Christmas CD of the year.  When I say abroad, I mean over the Severn Bridge into Wales.   Our destination was St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Cardiff.

When we arrived it wasn’t immediately clear where the school was but we had been instructed to park in the church car park and before long we found a way into the school via a caretaker who was on hand to let us in. As breakfast club was underway whilst we were setting up, we were also treated to toast and jam as we connected up our mobile recording rig.


Ready to Record

Today’s recording was unusual amongst our school CDs in that we were just recording the glee choir at St Josephs.   Normally to qualify for discounted pricing we ask that all pupils take part in the CD.  However, this was the last christmas recording of the year and so we must have been feeling generous!

In total we had 20 songs to record but the choir had been well prepared and actually it didnt take long.  In fact once again we found ourselves finished by lunchtime and we were back out of Wales before most people had started on their afternoon nap!    Despite the lateness of the recording date, we are still confident of getting the CDs produced and delivered to the school in time for Christmas so they can be sold at a school Christmas fair.

We now have a week to tie up any loose ends on the current round of school christmas recordings. Our next recording is on 20 December in London but it’s at a Jewish School so the theme is Hannukah rather than Christmas!

If you would like to record a CD at your school in England or Wales, then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us