Recording at Edmondsley Primary School in Durham

school cd

Earlier in the week we travelled to the North East to record at Edmondsley Primary School just on the outskirts of Durham.

Primary School

Edmondsley Primary School

As Durham is a 5 hour drive from our studios in Wiltshire, we had arranged to stay in a local Premier Inn the night before the recording.  Ironically it was in a place called Pity Me!  Nevertheless it was perfectly good and suited our purposes which meant we could have an early breakfast before heading out to the school.

Setting up to Record

Arriving at the school just before 07.30 in the morning I was greeted by a member of staff and shown into the school hall which was conveniently just off the entrance hall.   This made it easy to bring in all the boxes and recording gear from the car.   By 09.00 we were ready and set up to record and the first group from Nursery came in to sing their song.

School Hall

Setting up

The Recording Day

The staff at Edmondsley were extremely kind and welcoming which is always a great pleasure.  I was given regular cups of tea throughout the day and everything ran very efficiently.  The pupils were all extremely well behaved and there was minimum fuss getting each group in and out of the hall for their song recording.

School Recording Studio

Our Recording Rig

At lunchtime we moved all our kit to one side to create space for the pupils to have their lunch in the hall.  Again the dinner ladies were extremely flexible and worked around our kit. It’s always tricky when the school kitchens are located next to the Hall as we have to politely ask the kitchen staff to be as quiet as possible.  But at the same time we appreciate they have a job to do!

Recording in School Hall

View from our recording desk

The School

To find out more about the school you can visit their website.

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