When should a Primary School record a CD?

School CD

We have been in the recording business since 2004. During the past 14 years we have noticed a trend, particularly in Primary Schools, to record either at Christmas or mid Summer.  And this got us thinking why this is the case?

Christmas Recordings

For as long as we can remember, our busiest time of year has always been the run up to Christmas.  And it’s not just us. Our sister company Recordings 4 Choirs also tends to be fully booked at Christmas recording Choirs all over the UK.

The reason is perhaps obvious.  CDs make a great Christmas present and as such, schools and choirs can be assured of selling a lot of albums at their Christmas fairs and concerts.   For schools the biggest market for the CD will always be the parents.  Obviously, all parents what to get a copy of the CD their child recorded at the age 6!  The album also makes a good present for Grandparents too, which means schools can possibly sell multiple copies of the album.

Summer Recordings

In the last few years, we have noticed a significant rise in the number of schools who are booking recordings with us in June and July.  There are perhaps a few reasons for this. Firstly it is perhaps a quieter time of the school year. Everything is starting to wind down for the end of term and what better way to give your pupils something to remember than spend a day recording their favourite songs.

Specifically with Primary Schools, of course for those pupils in Year 6, this might be the last chance they have to record a CD.  We do get involved in recordings at Secondary Schools but it has to be said it is less common. And even then, it often tends to be the school choirs which are recorded so the opportunity isn’t always open to everyone.

In Summary

Over the years we have recorded CDs for all sorts of reasons.  Mostly they are Christmas CDs. But we have also recorded a number of albums which are in honour of retiring head teachers or just to celebrate music in the school.  We have also had Head teachers who want to record songs they have written in the hope of making all their pupils into Pop Stars.  Sadly we have also from time to time recorded albums in honour of pupils who have passed on.

For us, it is such a delight to have the privilege of going into Schools and capturing such an important moment in a child’s education.   Ok let’s not overstate this. It’s just a CD. Ultimately this isn’t necessarily going to help your child get a job or develop a career.   But, it is an experience that a lot of children may not ever get again.  We cannot say how much a recording will inspire a child to develop a further interest in music. But nevertheless with the numbers of adult choirs at an all time high perhaps in some small way making a CD at school encourages some of these youngsters that actually singing isn’t so bad after all.

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