Checking availability


In the last few weeks we have implemented an online calendar across all of our business websites designed to make it easier for our customers to pick a suitable date to make a recording with Recordings 4 Schools.

This is one of those jobs which we had been meaning to get around to for a while but for whatever reason never quite managed it.  So in the small period of downtime in early January we prodded Google  to see how best to incorporate a live calendar on our site.  The key was something which could be easily updated and be a reliable source of information for our customers.

The Options

There are a few options in WordPress to do such a thing via plugins, but these all seemed to need you to login to your wordpress dashboard to make changes.  Whilst this might work for some people, a lot of our time is spent out and about on location.  Yes we can login to the website from anywhere but it’s still a bit of a faff.  The criteria from the beginning was that if we were going to do this, it needed to integrate seamlessly into the website and have the ability to be updated the moment a client made a booking.

With this in mind, after further research, the obvious candidate was Google Calendars.  It may not be the sexiest design or the cleverest solution to this problem but it does the job of putting a calendar on our website which shows the dates we are available (or not available) to record.  More importantly it can be updated from my iPhone. So when we are out and about and a customer calls to make a booking this can immediately be updated online.

Does it work?

With any problem there will always be more than one solution and of course more than one opinion on what is the right way of going about something. However, our shiny new Google Calendar is now online and in fact just to the right of this post.  Early indications are that customers find it very useful. Only yesterday a school called us to make a booking and said they had consulted our online calendar during a meeting with the senior leadership team which saved a lot of time.

We always welcome customer feedback so if you like, or dislike our calendar or there is any other functionality you would like to see on our website then please do get in touch.

To book a recording at your school you can contact us by phone on 01225 302143 or click here to email