Plan for your School Recording Session


Here at Recordings 4 Schools we put a lot of effort into ensuring our website gives you as much information about our services as possible.  In addition we also provide a wealth of resources to help you plan for your Recording session with us.

The majority of our resources can be found on our Downloads and Guides page which is located under the FAQ Menu.  If we look in detail at the Downloads page you will find the following information which we hope is useful to you when preparing for your School Recording.

The first section on this page deals with Product Information and useful Downloads

CD Recording Information Sheet

This, as you would expect, is an overview of our recording services we provide to schools.  This downloadable PDF gives you some background information on our company details of some schools we have worked with and confirms what is included in a Recording with us.  This is by no means a complete run down of everything we do but it is a useful starting point and something which people can often take to meetings to discuss the idea of making a recording.

CD Track List

This Word Document (.doc) is a simple template where you can list all the songs you are proposing to record.  It is up to you whether you use our template or create your own document. This document has 3 main purposes:


In order to help you plan your CD content and ensure that each class or year group is on the disc you can collate all the songs and see if you have included everyone.  It also helps to see if there is a theme to the CD as a whole.  Furthermore you can share this document with your teachers and everyone can add the song (s) their group or class is planning to sing.  This means you very quickly have a central document which confirms the music and songs to be recorded.

On the Day

When our sound engineers arrive to record at your school, please give them a copy of this document. This helps us to plan the recording and also is important so we can note down what songs we are recording. Without this information, post production of the actual CD becomes very difficult.

Post Production

Once we finish your recording and go back to our studio we work on creating the Master CD and the artwork for your CD packaging.  For both of these, this document is invaluable as it means we know the correct titles to encode into the CD.  It also helps us to create the CD artwork – on the back of your CD case will be a track list which contains the information on this sheet.

Parent Letter

Exactly as it’s title suggests this is a template of a letter which you may wish to send or email to your parents to get orders for your new CD.   A lot of schools tend to send this letter out around the time of the recording when there is most hype and buzz about making a CD. Feel free to change the wording and content of this to suit your own particular needs.  We offer this merely as a starting point and suggestion to help you generate as many orders for your school CD as possible.

The second section of the downloads and guides page is all about CD Artwork

Artwork Requirements

The first document in this section is a PDF which gives you information about the CD Artwork. This document details the various elements of the CD and packaging which need artwork and lists the information we need from you.   It is worth reviewing this in conjunction with the pictures under ‘View a CD’ below.

View artwork / Primary School CD

The next two links in this section take you to other pages where you can see examples CDs we have created for other schools.  Of particular interest to most schools will be the View a Primary School CD link. This takes you to a separate page where we have photographed all the elements of a CD. Firstly this will help you see how much artwork there is and how it all fits together to form the overall package.  It will also give you an idea as to the high quality of our albums and printed materials.  Everything we produce is done to the highest possible standards.

Option 1 – Recordings 4 Schools Creating your CD Artwork

This section, perhaps the most important of all for a lot of schools contains a template which will help your pupils design the front cover of your CD.  All our primary school CDs generally carry a design on the front cover which has been drawn by a pupil. As you can see from the example in ‘view a CD’ we can also include artwork designs in other areas of the CD artwork so you are not necessarily limited to one winner.   This PDF can be printed off and given out to your pupils. It is self explanatory and the design they draw within the boundaries on the document can then be scanned in by us and used on your CD artwork.

If you are going down this route, please ensure we can take away the original copies of your pupil drawings on the day of the recording.  This will avoid any delays in artwork production.

Option 2 – Creating your own CD Artwork

Some schools may prefer to do their own artwork in house.  We are quite happy for you to do this is if you prefer and the templates in this section need to be passed to your graphic designer so they can produce artwork in the required format.  If you need further information about design requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope this is a useful summary of the information available on our website.

For further information please contact us on 01225 302143 or click here to email us