How much can you earn from CD Sales


Recording a CD is a great activity for your pupils and one which many will remember for the rest of their lives.   For many schools the concept of giving the pupils a unique experience is at the heart of the decision to engage Recordings 4 Schools to come to their school.   After all, how often do you get the chance to spend a day in a recording studio, not to mention one which comes to you!

The Wow Factor

For us, giving the pupils that ‘wow’ factor is very much part of the deal.  We want the kids to walk into the school and say ‘Wow, it’s just like a real recording studio in here’.  Basically that’s because it is. Everything we use on location is exactly the sort of kit you would find in a recording studio anywhere in the world.  The difference is we box it up and carry it around with us.  It means we take about an hour to set things up, but it’s considerably easier than trying to transport your entire school to a recording studio many miles away!

So the kids get a great experience. But what about the school.  Having been doing this for many years, (in fact since 2004) we are well aware that Primary Schools generally do not have surplus funds to throw into making a recording.   So from the beginning we have always turned this on its head. Essentially instead of the recording session costing you money we help you make money from the recording.


In a lot of cases we are initially approached by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to discuss ways in which recording a CD can help them fundraise for the school.   Now we are always clear up front that you probably won’t make millions from selling a CD.  But being realistic, if you sell around 150 CDs which is about the average for most primary schools you should raise around £500 or slightly more for your school depending on what you sell the CDs for. For most schools and PTAs this is not to be sniffed at and will go a long way towards buying something for the school.

Our model is really quite simple. We do not charge for the recording session, just for the CDs you order. Most schools will take pre orders in from parents once the CD recording session is announced.  That way there generally is no upfront cost to the school either as we will invoice your school on delivery of the CDs.


A CD recording at your primary school is an ideal way of raising some money for your PTA or a particular item needed by your school.  Not only that but it’s a great experience for the pupils and one which they will treasure for evermore. So what are you waiting for?

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