Skateboarding Duck

skateboarding duck

As I write this post, I am preparing to head into Europe for a choir workshop with a global law firm.  The delegates have spent the last few days in Prague involved in something which is probably rather akin to ‘The Apprentice’.  The concept behind my part of the proceedings is perhaps a bit like the skateboarding duck item at the end of the local news. Something a bit different to round things off before everyone goes back to the serious business of lawyering!

And yes just in case you wondered, yes there really was such a thing:

Herbie the skateboarding duck was the subject of an item first broadcast on the Midlands Today insert to the BBC news magazine programme Nationwide on 24 May 1978.

Herbie, an Aylesbury duck, was bought by Jacky and Paddy Randall of Croydon for their children Mikala and Colin. The film, presented by reporter Alan Towers, includes footage of Herbie waddling along the street, joining the family at breakfast and attacking the Randalls’ terrier. Part of the film is a four-second shot of Herbie apparently skateboarding by himself on Colin’s board. This image seemingly captured the public imagination, and the BBC received many requests for it to be shown again, which it frequently was.

As a result of the item’s popularity, the term “skateboarding duck” has come to signify a particular sort of quirky and essentially frivolous news story, often used to fill time at the end of a broadcast.

You are perhaps wondering what on earth this has to do with recordings?  Well here it is, in a lot of cases a school recording will be scheduled towards the end of a term or school year.  You could argue therefore that the recording session, being something a little different to the normal curriculum, is akin to the Skateboarding Duck item at the end of the news.   If you want to give your pupils the chance to do something a little unusual and different then why not take to us about recording a CD.  Although we can’t promise there will be any ducks, on skateboards or otherwise!

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