#Snowday 2018


Regardless of Brexit or any other political nonsense being imposed on us, I think the British will always have a reputation for talking about the weather.   Generally it is too hot, too cold, to wet or, like now, there’s too much snow.   Mostly I think despite moaning about the weather we tend to cope pretty well.  At least that is until snow comes along.

Last weekend, we were recording on location at the University of St Andrews. After the recording, which finished around 6pm we headed to Stirling for our overnight stop on the way back to Wiltshire.  There we found a lovely place called the Torbrex Inn which was recommended as a good place to get some dinner.  And extremely good it was too. If you are ever in Stirling and want a nice dinner I can highly recommend it.

Anyway at the end of the meal, I was chatting to the waitress who it turned out was from Sweden.  Already there was talk of impending snow and she was saying we are quite feeble in the UK and even with just a couple of inches the entire country seems to grind to a halt.  Whilst one should not trivialise the difficulties that many are facing I was inclined to agree.  But putting it into context I suppose snow is still a relatively rare event in the UK and therefore we will always be slightly caught out by it perhaps?

However, it seems she was right. At the weekend we drove down the M80 from Stirling to Glasgow in lovely bright sunshine with clear blue skies.  Yes it was quite cold but it was a perfect winters day.  What a difference to the current view.  On the news we are hearing about people facing long delays and difficulties on that very same stretch of road with drivers being stranded for hours.

With news like this is seems unfair to try and see what good can come out of the snow.   We all send our heartfelt good wishes to anyone who has been stuck in the snow for whatever reason and hope their situation soon improves.  Fortunately we don’t have any recordings booked for the next couple of days so can stay in our nice warm studio and watch the snow pile up on the  ground outside.   But on the plus side we are getting a lot of enquiries from school teachers who are currently at home due to school closures.

So if you are at home and would rather stay indoors then why not get in touch and talk to us about making a recording once the weather has improved.

To find out more about our Recording services for Schools all over the UK, then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us