Just getting on with it


A few years ago, we looked into the notion of buying the domain name – no faffing dot com.   As it transpired, this domain has already been taken although doesn’t appear to be doing anything useful with itself.   There is a certain irony in this as it would seem the current owner is procrastinating over what to do with his or her domain.

Now you might be forgiven for wondering why a School Recording company would want such a curious domain.  I suppose quite simply, it sums up our philosophy of how business should be done.  But that does need a little clarification. After all, we certainly don’t want to present the view that we do everything rushed and ‘slap dash’. That would never do.   And so, therefore, there are two sides to this:

Attention to Detail

The concept of no faffing doesn’t always sit happily alongside that of showing a great attention to detail. But here’s the thing, the two are in fact more compatible than you might think.  The first part of our job is to pick up on the detail.   Even if we don’t yet know what some of that detail might be.  So, in the words of the cub scouts, be prepared.

On the whole, there are two ways in which we can best prepare for a recording. The first is to understand the detail of what we are recording along with where.  As well as obvious details such as the school address, we also try to find out whether we are recording in a large or small space and what facility there is for parking on site.

Having established the practical details of the job we then prepare for the unexpected.  The best way to do this, is to always take everything we might possibly need for every job and then also take all the things we might not need!    For example, let’s imagine the brief was to record an Acappella choir. At first sight it wouldn’t be particularly logical to pack our Drum Mic Kit for this job.  Nevertheless, 15 years experience recording out and about has told us to never make assumptions.   It may very well be an A Capella choir but there is still every chance that on one of the tracks the MD could say, oh we have a little bit of percussion on this track just to add a bit of variety.  And at that point we need to have the correct microphones to properly record whatever random piece of percussion is suddenly produced.

No Faffing

By being prepared for anything, this allows us to fulfil our no faffing approach to business.  Continuing with the example above of the A Capella Group which suddenly introduces an element of percussion, lets consider the alternative approach.   At the point where something unexpected happens and we realise the best piece of kit for recording this new addition is in fact not on site we then have to come up with an alternative.  The chances are there probably is another way of recording it or a different microphone / layout which could be adopted.

However, this would take time and could potentially delay things.  And that certainly doesn’t fit in with our no faffing approach.  So by being prepared and carrying additional kit for pretty much any scenario, we can simply adapt quickly to the new information and come up with a slick and sensible solution to the issue in hand.

And this is what we mean by no faffing.  Instead of trying to work around a problem and fix it in a sort of half hearted manner, by being properly prepared we can quickly implement the best solution.  What’s more we do this with minimum fuss.

Client testimonials

We always like to get feedback on our approach and the work we do.  Last week we were involved in providing location sound for a wedding.  The task was to provide microphones for everyone who needed to speak and amplification for a music group.  More importantly it was to seamlessly ensure everything just worked and our kit blended into the background.

After the event we received the following on email from our client which probably best sums up our approach:

Jules, thank you so much for so professionally providing the sound system for our daughters wedding. You took on the job, did exactly what we wanted, punctuality was impeccable and what a joy and relief it was to us to simply hand you the task and see it all delivered and squared away without any further interventions. Well done, bless you and thank you again.

To find out more about our no faffing approach to School Recordings, please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us