Recording at Scarcroft Primary School

Scarcroft, York

Earlier this week we were in York to record the pupils of Scarcroft Primary School, located just on the edge of the city centre.

Being nearly 300 miles from our studios in Bath, this entailed travelling up the night before and investing more in Premier Inn.  Fortunately there was a hotel almost opposite the school. In fact it was further to get the car from their car park than it probably would have been to have walked to the school. Nevertheless we do always need to be as near as possible when it comes to loading and unloading our recording kit.

When we arrived at Scarcroft, at our usual arrival time of 07.30, we were greeted, as is often the case, by the school caretaker. Luckily he was aware of the recording taking place although had little more information other than it was in the Upper Hall.   This didn’t sound over promising, given the amount of kit we have to bring in, but we were assured it was ok there was a lift.   True enough this turned out to be the case but only after you had climbed two set of stairs to get from the car park to the main building, opened an outward pulling door and then gone down a set of steps to get to the lift!


Loading the lift

Once we got into the ‘upper hall’, which was in fact huge, everything was fairly straightforward.  We were met by the head of ICT and proceeded to set up our gear ready to start recording at 09.00 prompt.

Scarcroft Primary School

Setting up in the Upper Hall

This particular album was essentially the work of the Headteacher, Mrs Cornhill.  In fact quite literally her work as the majority of the songs we recorded were written by Mrs Cornhill. The idea of the album was to capture her songs so future generations of Scarcroft pupils could sing along to her fabulous songs.

Unlike a lot of Primary school recordings we are involved in this also meant the accompaniment was played live on the piano.  This is always nice to see and gives an element of ‘reality’ to the singing. In fact we have found that pupils who are accompanied on the piano always seem to sing better than those who just sing along to backing tracks found on You Tube.

Scarcroft Primary School CD

Ready to Record

We had a great day at Scarcroft Primary School in York and the CD is currently in production.    It was a delight to hear the songs written by Mrs Cornhill and we hope this CD will enable future generations of Scarcroft pupils to enjoy these songs.

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