Meet and Greet

Setting up

When we are recording in schools, our engineers always tend to arrive at 07.30.  This seems a reasonable time to arrive on the basis that most schools start to open up around then, but more importantly it gives us an hour or so to set up before the majority of staff and pupils arrive.

The recording kit

A lot of schools often underestimate just how much kit we bring on location to carry out your recording.   Generally it is about 10 trips to get all the kit from our vehicle into your school hall.  Depending on where the school hall is in relation to the car park this can sometimes take a little while even when there’s two of us.

This is the main reason why we like to arrive in good time. Even if your hall is right by the main entrance to the school we would rather be ready ahead of time as opposed to running around plugging cables in when your pupils are lined up ready to record! By arriving at 07.30 we have enough time to get all the kit in set up and ready.

Someone to meet us

With this in mind the most important thing is for someone to be at the school who is aware we are turning up at that time.  We always send a confirmation email which details the timings and confirms that our engineers will arrive at 07.30 but it’s surprising how many schools are not prepared for this.  All we need is someone to point us in the direction of the proposed recording venue.  If there is a cup of tea available that’s always pleasing too as we probably left home at 4am depending on where in the country your school is located!

Despite this it’s surprising how often we arrive at 07.30 to be told oh such and such is dealing with that, he/she gets in around 0830 usually can you just wait….  Obviously we can just wait if you wish but it does mean we will still need an hour to set up and we cannot speed that process up.

Ideally therefore all we need is a caretaker or member of staff who gets in early to be aware of the recording and point us in the direction of the hall.   Our engineers will then quietly get on with setting everything up – even if you also use your hall for breakfast club in the mornings.    Most of our kit can be set up at one end of the hall so it’s not in the way of anything else going on.

To book a recording in your school or find out more, please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us