Recording at St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School

This week we took a trip to the seaside and found ourselves in the quintessential English seaside town of Ramsgate in Kent.   The reason for this little jaunt to the coast was to record on location at St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School.  This was our first visit to St Ethelbert’s and in fact my first visit to Ramsgate.

After an early start (leaving home just after 3.30am) I arrived on site at 07.30 and was greeted by the Headteacher and his Golden Retriever ‘Buddy’.

School Dog

The Head’s Dog – Buddy

Following the Head to the proposed recording venue turned out to be quite a long walk – the dog was keener than I was.  With quite a lot of kit to unload, fortunately there was another entrance to the ‘second hall’.   I quickly relocated the car and was able to unload from just outside which made things a lot quicker as this time I was recording on my own – usually there is 2 of us.

By adopting the usual ‘no faffing’ policy I was all set up and ready to record by 08.45.

school hall

The Hall at St Ethelbert’s

The first group of pupils duly arrived and the teacher in charge issued me with a cup of tea, a banana and half a twirl!  There was a promise of biscuits later in the day.  Everything ran like clockwork and the school had downloaded and completed our track list which makes it a lot easier. Armed with this and a schedule for the day meant the recording all proceeded smoothly throughout the day.

It turned out that ‘Buddy’ was the ‘school dog’ and mostly seemed to wander around during the course of the day and occasionally wandered in to see what was going on.  Curious idea and definitely the first time we have come across a ‘school dog’ being so involved in the school life. Nevertheless the staff and pupils all seemed to love him!

By 3pm the pupils at St Ethelbert’s had all had a chance to sing and record a couple of songs at which point it was time to record the staff.   Not all staff are brave enough to record their own track, but fair play to the staff at St Ethelbert’s – what a fabulous job they did!

Generally speaking our School Recordings specify that all pupils must take part.  Today we had the benefit of the staff taking part too which is always welcome.  But it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t record the dog too.   As it happened, recording the dog was a lot easier than recording the staff!

Dog Recording

Recording Buddy the Dog

I had a great time recording the pupils, staff and Buddy the Dog at St Ethelbert’s Primary School and we are just in the process of putting together the CD artwork. Below is a sneaky preview of how the inside of the booklet might look when finished.

cd artwork

CD artwork featuring pupil designs

If you would like to record a CD at your school and want to find out more then please give us a call on 01225 302143 or click here to email us