Recording at Thornhill Primary School in Cardiff

Wet weather is never much fun, but as I was driving across the Severn Bridge to this morning’s recording, the heavens opened. Quite literally, and I was faced with perhaps one of the wettest mornings in recent times!  Ok perhaps thats a slight exaggeration. Anyway, fortunately I was able to park reasonably near the main entrance at Thornhill Primary so the kit didn’t get too wet.

On arrival I was greeted by the Deputy Head and fortunately she knew the plan for today’s recording.  I always take something in with me when I first arrive – usually the laptop which is in a rucksack. And so with rucksack on back I followed the teacher through the school to the room where the recording was to take place.  In total we went through 14 doors all of which had to be pulled to be opened, and along many different corridors.  Once arrived in the room she looked at me and said, do you have much more to bring in?


Setting up in Thornhill Primary School

I always smile when customers say this, but to be fair perhaps the expectation is that a school recording will just be a microphone and a laptop.  I try not to sound sarcastic when I reply that probably another 10 trips to and from the car should do it!  To be fair there is usually two of us, which does make this a lot easier. But today was just me. And the most important thing is just to get on with it! The school armed me with a trolly which did help and I set to getting the recording gear into the classroom.

By 08.30 the main contact had arrived and also by which time I had mostly got all the kit inside and was almost ready to go.  This is why we always arrive at 07.30 as you never quite know how far the venue is from the car park. I would rather be ready with 45 minutes to spare as opposed to crawling around plugging things in with a mass of pupils and teachers waiting expectantly to start!

This school recording had a theme of WW1 songs with the idea being that popular WW1 tunes were used but with new lyrics which were, I believe, written by the pupils at the school.   All the 7 songs were being performed by the school choir along to backing tracks.


Ready to Record

The first song was called Over Now (which was sung to the tune of ‘Over there’) and goodness me what a fabulous sound this primary school choir produced.  Under the direction of their very capable teacher Claire Holcombe the choir at Thornhill sounded absolutely fabulous and produced a sound of a choir twice the size!

It turned out, the initiative for the recording had come from our good friend and customer Grenville Jones.  I believe the plan is for the CD to link with and be supported by his Goldies Choirs which are now running in Wales too.  Grenville is a great champion of music in schools and we have worked on many extremely successful projects with Grenville in the past.  As a leader of multiple choirs, founder of his own charity and published author, he is without doubt one of the biggest characters in the music business in the South West.  Indeed he has also appeared a number of times on national television. We are always delighted to work with Grenville as he puts his unique take and flair onto many different productions.

The album is currently in production and we will keep you posted when it is due to be released.

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