Turnaround times from Recording Session to CD Delivery

Turnaround times

Our two busiest times of the year are the second half of the Summer term (or perhaps Term 6 as it’s known in some schools) and in the run up to Christmas.

When to Record

Recording in the Summer term is a great way to give your leavers something to remember their time at your school. If you have a school choir and it’s a particularly good year, it’s also a good chance to get that on record before they all leave and go on to secondary school or University. Similarly Christmas is a popular time to record – particularly at primary Schools.  Lots of our school recordings are used as fund raisers in Primary Schools and therefore the key to making lots of money is to sell lots of CDs.   Christmas is of course an ideal time as a School CD makes a great present for Parents, Grandparents and friends.

Turnaround Times

When we are recording at the end of the school year or just before Christmas, the turn around times from Recording date to CD delivery become quite critical.  Of course all schools want to record as late as possible to have plenty of time to rehearse, but then still want the CDs ready for end of term or a Summer / Christmas fair which they might be running.

Usually we recommend allowing 7-10 days between the recording session and the CD Delivery point.  This is firstly because we need to process the audio and prepare the artwork. But also there needs to be time for the production and then we are finally in the hands of a courier.

If the artwork is ready on the day of the recording session then we can sometimes turn things around a bit quicker.   We have been known to record on a Monday and have CDs delivered by the Friday of the same week.  No matter what though, we do always make sure the school signs off the CD artwork before it goes to print.  Often it is the artwork which can lengthen lead times either because the information takes a while to be supplied or the teacher who needs to sign it off only works part time.

To find out more or discuss your next school recording, please give us a call on 01225 302143. If you prefer you can email us via the contact form.