Recording at Crookham Infant School

Crookham Infants

Crookham Infant School in Hampshire, just outside the town of Fleet meant that it wasnt quite such an early start for us this morning.  With a bit of planning it also transpired there was a Starbucks which opened at 7am less than a mile from the school.  Admittedly not the most stylish of venues, but nevertheless when you’ve been up since 5am, a latte and piece of toast is welcome regardless of the purveyor!

Arriving just before the appointed hour of 07.30 we were met by the teacher who had organised the recording.   Moments later we were presented with tea and shown to the staff room where there was a plentiful supply of tea all day.

As is often the way, we tend to set up around breakfast club – this doesnt present an issue as in most schools breakfast club doesnt take up much space, and nor do we!  All we need is access to one end of the hall to set up our microphones and engineering desk.

Recording Setup

Setting up at Crookham Infants

We had told the school to allow around 20 minutes per group which on the whole meant we kept to schedule.  It’s important for us that schools give us a list of the songs being recorded as this helps us keep track of what we are recording.  It’s also useful to have a timetable. There are various templates on our website to help you.  Most schools will allocate about 15 – 20 minutes per group / song and this normally keeps things on schedule throughout the day.

During one of the breaks, we made our way to the staff room where we found lots of cake. Sadly it wasnt for sharing with us though as it was a thankyou to the staff for their excellent work getting through Ofsted the day before.  Nevertheless it looked nice!

Lots of cake


We had a great day recording at Crookham Infant school and the singing was probably amongst the best we have ever heard from this age group.  There are some great tracks on this album which include ‘A Million Dreams’ (very popular this year!), ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ and ‘If I were a Butterfly’.

The CD is currently in production and will be out shortly.

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